LS Tractor MT3 Series Compact (New For 2018)

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Earlier this year LS Tractor introduced a new compact tractor series, the MT3. The new series includes two models with different hosepower ratings, the 45 horsepower MT345E and the 50 horsepower MT350E. Initially both models come standard with a 8×8 shuttle transmission but HST versions will be available soon. The MT3 series tractors fill the gap between the smaller XG … Read More

KIOTI Tractor Package Deals On Sale

We’ve put together the best selling KIOTI tractor models and most popular implements and attachments in one package to save you time and money. Our customers tell us they use their KIOTI tractors mostly for mowing, moving materials around their property and grading roads and driveways. This made a light bulb come on! Why not offer our customers a fantastic … Read More

Kioti CK2610 vs Kubota L2501: 6 Reasons the Kioti CK2610 Wins


The Kioti CK2610 and Kubota L2501 compact utility tractors represent a new subcategory of compact tractors. These tractor share the same chassis size as the more traditional 30-35 horsepower CUT’s but because they have engines rated under 25 horsepower they don’t have much of the  Tier 4 emissions equipment their big brothers do. Both the CK2610 and L2501 models are fairly … (619) 831-9085